Molodyy Theatre

Young directors and experienced masters.

Classical and modern drama.

Experimental and academic forms.

A variety of styles and genres.

And also – fluid performances, documentaries, participation

in international festivals and competitions!

And all this - the Molodyy Theatre in Kyiv!



Kyiv National Academic Molodyy Theatre is an energetic team that seeks to discover new talents, experiment and conquer the peaks of performing arts.

The theatre has three stages: main (374 seats), chamber (80 seats) and micro (50 seats). The number of premieres reaches 10-12 per season, which allows to show at least three performances a day, involving all the stages of the theatre. Volodarsky and Shakespeare, McDonough and Ibsen, Schmitt and Tom - the repertoire of the Molodyy Theatre has 51 productions that do not intersect with each other in any way by genre or stylistically. Thus, more than 600 performances are shown in one theatrical season.

The Molodyy Theatre participates in national and international festivals, does tours throughout Ukraine and initiates the creation of new projects; supports young people, shows initiative and attracts modern, progressive people to cooperation, internships and new collaborations.  Premieres with young artists take place in the theatre every year.

Not least important is the desire to create the own brand of the Molodyy Theatre. In 2018, the project MolodyyStudio. Dramaturge was launched. The main feature of this studio is its direct connection with the theatre - participants will not only learn the basics of theory and practice for self-realization in the profession, but also understand the needs and challenges that the theatre is facing now. Currently, three performances in the theatre's repertoire are biased on the proper plays of the MolodyyStudio graduates.

For the sixth year successively, The Molodyy Theatre is a member of the European Theatre Convention, participates in international projects, establishes communications with European theatres and directors. One of the main tasks is being implemented - the integration of Ukrainian theatre into the European cultural space.

The Molodyy Theatre - is a brave and promising theatre, full of ideas, strength and energy to create new, progressive projects of performing arts.  Every year, Molodyy team takes part in various performances and theatrical shows on so-called "free" platforms or in the open air.  They create new collaborations with other theatres, occupy their own place in the production of advanced projects of the Ukrainian theatre sector.


We will surprise and impress you! Molodyy Theatre - for people young in mind!